5 life hacks to help you use less plastic


People continue to pollute the planet with our lifestyles, but it also comes to know as a shock that the very people who want to be helping are actually committing environmental crimes. It was exposed the government Department for the Environment, purchased more than 2.5 million disposable cups for coffee and tea to use in their buildings since last five years.
If we assume that there is a 1400 plastic cup every single day.
Our government is struggling to keep itself that what can individuals do to help tackle plastic pollution. There are Simple 5 hacks to reduce your plastic.

Plastic water bottle hacks

We should hack the plastic water bottle. According to Greenpeace, we heard that the UK continues to use over 35 million plastic every year. So, a consumer should invest in a reusable bottle that can be filled up.

Use Re-Usable coffee cup

We should re-usable the plastic cups. If you thought that you were not using the plastic bottles then ask yourself are you still getting that coffee on the way to work? The cup is made of paper but the lid is plastic. We heard those UK thrown away 2.5 billion plastic cups every year and less than 1 in 400 is recycled.

Do not take Disposable cutlery

We use disposable cutlery and handed over with our lunch, but instead, we rely on a set of metal cutlery. Try to keep a set in your desk drawer.

Take a Tote Bag.

There was a first 5p carrier bag which was introduced since 2005, and the number of plastic bags used in England dropped by 83%.Like Tesco supermarkets, this could be eradicated and now only provides the 10p bag for life. So don’t forget to take a bag of your own.

Avoid Vegetable to put on plastic bags.

The worst offending items are to use small plastic bags in the supermarket to weigh vegetables. Especially, when you throw away in the bin as you soon as you get home. It only takes hack a habit to put them in your bin.


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