Apple could be planning to break up iTunes intimate By Developers

Apple could be planning to break up iTunes

iTunes have a long illustrious history as media player which is the choice of many on PC’s Mac. But the digital world looks a lot different today as compare to past when it was first time appears in the year 2001. But now there is a hint that iTunes could be near to broken.

Noted Apple developer Steve Troughton-Smith says he has proof that podcasts apps and standalone music are coming for macOS to push more mobile apps to its desktop platforms. Its mean the breakup of iTunes at least on the Mac podcast and videos into separate components for music. On the other side apple also busy to revamp its TV app on mobile. Due to which soon it will be the new home for iTunes movies and also shows on Desktop Computers.

According to a news Apple Music on the up

On the other hand Apple Music continuously attracts a large number of subscribers. In wall street journal according to a report it has been said that services in Us has become more paid as compare to spotify. In the global market it is still behind the spotify but we think that it is growing faster at the rate of 2.6-3% per month as compare to spotify whose rate is 1.5-2%. It is very good news for apple which insist the company to think more about porting more of its apps for android. Till the day apple music is the only full fledge developed app which is available on Google store. We should hear more about it if apple is going to shift in its media programs this year it will start on June 3.

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