How to avoid food from Spoiling too soon by placing a Card?

Avoid Food From Spoiling Too Soon

Can you Avoid Food From Spoiling Too Soon by placing a napkin sized laminated card inside the fridge. A Nature frequencies company claims by sticking a Food Freshness Card in the center of their refrigerator which can extend the life of vegetables, fruits and food and bread up to 50% longer.
It can also works outside the fridge but you can also place it inside the fridge where you want. By placing under a bread box or fruit bowl you can slow down the food storage. Guarantee of this card is at least one year.

The card never touches the food that you have placed in the refrigerator until you are ready to eat. This card also receives an award last week called annual Edison awards which is held for innovative products. It is the great honor for food tech category. It is a very unique and easy way to avoid food from spoiling to soon.
This card developed under three united state patents and after manufacturing card was tested by a Modern testing service.


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