Best TENS Machine


The best TENS machine is the electronic medical device. The tens unit is the abbreviation of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. In other words, Transcutaneous mean “transversely the skin”. It is the modest short-term pain relief. The best TENS machine stimulates your nerve via electrical current through your skin.

Electrotherapy machine

It is electrotherapy machine used for pain relief or a pain management under the guidance of your doctor or healthcare practitioner. Your healthcare practitioner should always be consulted before using TENS machine.

What does a unit TENS DO?

Pain is controlled by using a TENS. It is controlled in one of two ways. One is Sensory level Stimulation and second is Motor level Stimulation. The Sensory level Stimulation means that the electrical input of TENS machine interfere with the transmission of pain signals and block the neural through which the pain travels. It is the high pulse frequency, short pulse duration. Pain is easily relieved by using the TENS machine. It is commonly used for chronic or acute pain. Motor level Stimulation refers to “strong low rates” TENS. Pain is generally relieved for many hours after the device is shut offe

TENS unit for back pain

The tens unit is used to reduce the back pain. TENS device is curved to a belt and is connected to two electrodes. The electrodes attached to the TENS carry an electric current from unit to the skin. TENS unit for back pain introduced with the gate control theory of pain. According to the theory, stimulating nerves closed to the spinal cord that can help to relieve the sensation of pain. TENS unit Electrodes are placed to the pain area in the back and that creates electrical impulses that travel along nerve fibers and create the scratchy sensation and pain relieve shortly after treatment.

TENS unit for knee pain

There are many arthritic diseases which cause non-inflammatory or inflammatory joints pain. The tens unit is used to control the arthritic diseases without the use of additional drugs as well as reduce the amount of medication. TENS unit Electrodes are attached to the affected area and stimulus current deliver across the skin is helpful to reduce the knee pain.

TENS unit for the neck pain

Neck pain is the main causes for work malingering and visit healthcare. Neck pain is the specific pain to be found below the nuchal line and above the spine of scapula line in the back. TENS unit can help to control the causes and deal the patient with the TENS.TENS intensity can be set high, low or burst. Electrical pulses are set at the different four-level motor level, sensory level, and non-sensory level and noxious depending on the patient response.

Muscle tension reducer

Muscle stiffness is when your muscles feel tight it is more difficult to move. You feel pain and discomfort. For muscle tension reducer you can use TENS unit which reduces your pain. If you are suffering muscle tension then you should try different natural remedies like Taking breathe deeply, Stretch, movement, massage, drink tart cherry juice also consult a physiotherapist before using a TENS machine.


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