Best World’s First Aquatic Underwater Band Music

Underwater Band

A little amount of water in a glass bowl and a single voice were the simple tools that started first world underwater Band. One day in 2004, a girl who lived in a Denmark city her name is Laila skovmand she starts an experiment. She raised a bowl of full water to her lips in her kitchen and started a sing on a water surface. Steadily, she totally submerged her mouth into the water, and she could make an experiment with different sounds. Years passed away and conduct experiment continued.

World Underwater Band Music

Skovmand makes an experiment, she covered a large box with plastic and took a microphone which covered with the condom and then submerged their mouth completely in the water and started sing. That is Aquasonic, the world‘s first underwater concert was born. One day Skovmand became the artists and director of Aquasonic. With the performers and with four others, she developed a new world underwater music. The Other Robert Karlsson is one of the band co-founders and is himself a performer. He told about the world underwater band that is Aquasonic. Karlsson said, “that is similar to the other bands but it is an underwater band. We think that all humankind and life has something in relation to water, we think this concert can speak other than culture and other than religion and other than you and us and the taking apart that we so often hear.”

Underwater Band

“This may b subconsciously, we all have to look back through water since we are earshot for the first nine months in our mother’s womb through the water filter, so the first sound we almost certainly registered was through the water.”


It is an aquasonic that is over an hours worth of music, but this is a large process of research, practice, and perfectionism to get this stage. The group was formed in 2009, an intense research process starts where this group met with instruments designer and scientists from all over the world to achieve their goal or a dream.

“Starting few years there was a lot of research, finding out the people what they had done and what their experience was when we found out that we need to build instruments because the existing instrument did not really work so well. An aquatic band is totally different to the land.”

“When the group takes a practice in early days, the group could not understand why the instruments sound different day by day. Even it is the most important thing that where the instruments exactly placed and where it is hit it. It is also very matter that where the microphone placed and temperature of water also affected the sounds. The performance is in a water tank and the temperature kept 34-37 degree so both performance and instruments are comfortable.”

Underwater Physical active

Physical activeness is very important in underwater. Our longest time in underwater is 1mintues 10 seconds, 1minute 15 seconds but when you play 30 seconds most long especially for drummers. The physical activeness is also very important in the underwater band.


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