What is a difference between white brown and red rice and good for health?

difference between white brown and red rice

Rice is an important ingredient for our kitchens and meals. Rice is a versatile and delicious grain. There are many types of rice which are healthier than others.
If you are thinking about the types of rice and confused between brown rice, red rice, and white rice then it is a breakdown of everything you want to know about rice and its nutritional contents.

Is rice good for health?

Yes, it depends on a person that how much quantity they take. There are different varieties of rice that are good for curing obesity while other is the incredible source of energy. The kinds of rice depending on what you have picked for the meal.
“The greatest time to be consuming rice is around your physical activity and it is depending on when your body is using up and requiring carbohydrates for performance and recovery.”

Nutritional Value in rice

The most important in rice is carbohydrates and with the amount changing depending on the variety. If we report the different varieties of rice that how many carbohydrates are present in the rice?
If we see that there are 79% carbohydrates in uncooked rice, and in 100 grams of uncooked brown rice it’s a 77% carbohydrates. In 100 grams of uncooked white rice, it’s a 79% carbohydrate and red rice is 68% carbohydrates.
Rice also contains magnesium, B vitamin, iron, and fiber, but the quantities of these do vary depending on the type of rice.

Best White Rice

White rice has outer layers and the husk, bran germ removed. When these are removed then this removes quite a lot of vitamins and minerals. It has fewer nutrients when you compare it some other varieties of rice.
White rice contains the higher glycemic index which means your body breaks down white rice more quickly. White rice contains a lower fibre and it is important for gut health and keeping you feeling full for longer.
White rice has different varieties of jasmine and basmati. If we see that White jasmine rice has a higher glycemic index so it is not the best choice so you should choose basmati which is a better option.

Best Brown rice

Brown rice has outer layer removed but it still has a bran and germ it means that it rich in nutrients. Brown rice same like white has different grains length, short medium and long. It is a good source of magnesium, iron, and zinc. It is also rich in fibre as compared to white rice.

Best Red rice

Red rice contains more nutrients and it is more popular and available over the last few years. Red rice is just different in nature because it contains a compound called anthocyanins. It is a big positive and you are getting more nutrients. In 100 grams of uncooked red rice, there are 360 calories.
Both red and brown rice is the healthier option but you should choose red rice because it is a higher fibre choice and contains anthocyanins.


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