16 Saudi bans by U.S for the Role in Jamal Khashoggi Death

Jamal Khashoggi Death

State Department bans 16 Saudi individuals who entered in U.S and murder the Jamal Khashoggi who was the Washington post Journalist.
According to cases secretary of State has provide the credible information that foreign government playing significant role in corruption or gross violation for human rights. Statement clear that those individuals and their families are also banned for entry in U.S/

Jamal Khashoggi was the permanent resident of U.S and was the vocal critic of Saudi Arabia’s prince Muhammad Bin Salman, who was murdered in Istanbul a Saudi Consulate.
According to human rights Saudi Kingdom followed by a State Department and arrests at least 10 individuals who were associated with women’s right advocates since Jamal Khashoggi death. State Department also confirms that two US citizens were also arrested among those individuals.

State Department elected Al-Qahtani and 16 others under the Global Magnitsky Act. One of them was also again named in Monday’s Designation.
Trump government has faced a lot of criticism for its defense of Saudi and U.S relationship in spite of the conclusion of U.S Senate and Us intelligence that Crown Prince is responsible for Jamal Khashoggi’s Death.

Saudi Crown Prince and King salman strongly deny about any knowledge of murder or planning about that murder. Last November Donald trump also wrote that “all our intelligence agencies are continuously trying to asses all information about that case but it could be very well the Saudi Crown prince had information about this tragic incident—said that may be he did or may not did.”
Callamard who leading the N.V Investigation about the Jamal Khashoggi Murder is calling for the trials to make it public.

Callamard said in late February that “transparency of proceedings is clearly shown by publicity of hearings and provides interesting information of society at large”.
U.N investigation and Findings of this case will be presented in June to the U.N Human Rights Council.

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