What is Self Control ? how it can effect your life

Self Control


Getting your body and moving a little as 10 to 15 minutes and control your brain impulses, then feel you feel comfortable. There two reasons, first when we did work the whole day then feel tiered, and the second is without sleep we feel stress or tired, we should mentally disturb


During work If you having trouble then first of all go out the office walk talk each other then you feel happy and under control impulses. It is the most important thing of your life when when you angry for any reason the you must be silence and go out side and should be control your mind, it is the main reason for broke your relationship.


Meditate recommended to know your self, and what you want and why you change your self, Meditate emotions. Even very simplest technique talking a little 5 minutes a day and focus nothing more actually trains your mind, when we face disturbance then becomes a self control machine, and should be control your than physiological and your senses, and also should be improve your self and awareness your brain ability.

Reconcile your Past

It is very common thing of our life, when we carry pain of our life again then we never know what happening of our life, that is the critical point of our life and how to control us, when we forget about our then we feel more positive emotion as compare before. Problems or disturbance most common thing of our life. The most important thing is, how to solve and control this situation .

Be Mindful     

Mindfulness is the fasts way to see ourselves through the other people. In this situation you observe what was the happen and you can find your problems. It is very simplest way sort out your mistake and the clarity this happen.


Commit is the most important thing of our life, this will be journey that never end. This could be opportunity for a new hobby for improve your self. There is no wrong way to how to gain self control, but these practices will teach discipline while serving as reminders of what you have achieved and give tastes of what is still to come.

The most important thing in life when you commit any mistake or any problems then the other person felt but you will success in your life


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