Be strong and feeling happy after break up in your life

feeling happy after break up

I have recently gotten 2 years relationship and I m trying to adjust to being single again after so long and Feeling Happy After Break Up. In our relationship, I feel I lost myself. Now, I want to be independent again. I know it is very difficult to time to me But, I m not completely sure that what that even means and where to start. Then I start my life again and searching a little bit happier in my life. It’s a really getting over a breakup takes time and patience. If you feel and seem that the things are not going better with time, then remember that you can always turn with family, friends, or a mental health for support.

What is a breakup?

The termination of the relationship between the two people is called breakup. People take the break in a relationship because the relationship is not going well, Because of some other party can take interested in someone else. There are several stages that leading up to a breakup.

  • Dissatisfaction. Both sides of partners grow dissatisfied with the relationship.
  • Exposure.Partners become aware of the problems in the relationship.
  • Negotiation.Both partners negotiate the solution to problems in a relationship.
  • Transformation. Both partners talk to each other and apply the outcome of the negotiation.
  • Termination. When no further solution is accepted or applied then relation terminates.

How to get over a breakup fast

Ending a relationship is a very hard situation for a person. It was your decision or the other personal decision. If you really want to heal and move forward after a bad breakup then there are several stages which you get over a breakup fast.

  • Accept the empty feelings.When you are feeling empty in your life and you feel something missing in your life. You feel unsatisfying, unsuccessful and your anxiety, depression comes in your life. You feel not interested in things and allow yourself to cry like mad. So this is the bad condition for you and tries to forget the things.
  • Cut off all contacts. That the moment which you easily get over the breakup. Absence does not make the heart grow fonder. Absence is exactly what you want to cool off and process your feelings and try to change yourself at the end of a relationship. Contact is very important matter in a relationship so no text, social media message and emails anymore you need time and distance in a relationship.
  • Feelings.Sometimes raw feeling comes after a breakup then cognitive behavioral therapy fits into it.CBT is the best way to manage the destructive feelings after the relationship ends.
  • Look toward the future and do not look back. After the bad break, it may seem impossible to think that you will ever love again and go to that person. Look your future and do not look back and try to be a strong and happy in your life.


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