Tinder and Houseparty agreed to put Snapchat Stories


Today Snapchat said that its stories product will be soon available for all developers to put it into their own apps. According to their point of view in this way they attract more advertisers and users. Two famous companies Tinder and Houseparty agreed to put snapchat stories into their own products. According to news Tinder is going to integrate snapchat in their products in this summer.

This new integration is the part of app stories; new features will be seen in snap kit and the company’s developer policy. When this integration will be live people will be able to share and send stories created inside snapchat to the other apps. This pattern will same like instagram in which you can share a spotify track.

It is not clear that how stroies will appear on other apps like houseparty and tinder because integration is under developing process. However it seems like a natural place to put ads and company also declear that they will not advertise while launching.

App stories consist of a suit of announcements. Company also enhancing its functionality by adding features like, popular Bitmoji avatars to more places, also including Fitbit. Due to this functionality users will be able to add their favorite Bitmoji by their smart watch watchfaces. Snapchat also said that Bitmoji will be change throughout the day according to users’ activities and other societal environmental signals.

Speaking of stickers snap company is approaching its partners to make new integrations with its Stories product.
On the other hand Snap Chat company also introducing a new advertising product which is called “Snap Audience Network” an informative service. This new advertising product will to help to extend its advertising strategy to all other apps.

When this will be launched in this year, other developers will also be able to add snap’s vertical adds in their own products. It’s a good movement that ensures to investors that snap still has an excellent growth potential. Till the date snap has not signed up any partnership with any company or participant but it’s going to give a great change.

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