Top 10 Karmic Relationship Symptoms

Karmic Relationship Symptom

A Karmic Relationship is not your twin flame or soul mate every love relationship that you fell or experienced in your whole life is Karmic Relationship Symptom. When a connection is made between you, at that point you have no idea this relationship is good or bad for you. In this situation you attract like a magnet. In the list of Karmic Relationship Symptoms you never supposed to be a lasting unless you enjoy resentments, arguments and happiness in your daily routine. If you are not ready to accept your happiness and not find where you wish to be in your life then you will stuck in these types of relationships.

All the while you may want to a better happy life but you may not successful this confusion may lead you further Depression and Mental Disorder. This process may recycle and continues for long time and you are unable to move forward. Below a list of Karmic Relationship Symptoms is given:

They are Selfish and do not Respect their Partner

People who are in this relationship do not respect their partner that is a unique Karmic Relationship Symptom. They do not care about their partner interest nor needs they only pay attention on their self interest. They are the perfect example of Codependent Relationships. In this relationship one person is more invested while other person views it more as an ease.

They are addictive and differentiated by highs and lows

Another Karmic Relationship Symptom of is that they are differentiated as a highs and lows of loving power. Either partners or one of them is more in love. Its apparently depends on the some reasons like popularity, good looks, social or professional status.

They are obsessive and controlling about their partner

When you are in Karma Relationship you are more obsessive and all about the owner of your partner. That person becomes whole universe for you and you take him or her main source of your happiness. You trusted on that person blindly and unable to see their faults and mistakes.

Feel destined and cannot live without that person

You cannot live without the committed person and feel like that somehow both of you must live together. You never understand that why it keeps failing and you continuously try to get it right. They are extremely refused to accept it and continue drawing you in until you learn what you want from it.

You totally depend on that person

They create dependency and feel consumed by relationship. All time you thought about that person and you cannot hand them all the authority. You become emotionally, mentally, and physically dependent on that person.

They carry out your most horrible fears

All the time they are in the fear of commitment, fear of loss, fear of abandonment, and fear of emotional engulfment.

They are irrational and feel ugly insecurities

They hold a mirror to your ugly insecurities. In this situation you start to dislike yourself and do those things that you do not do normally.

They reveal and Highlight you darker side

A well known Karmic Relationship Symptom is that they realize you that you have undesirable and difficult characteristics. They remind you clearly and painfully that how human you actually are.

They are erratic, volatile and unpredictable

Karmic Relationship Symptoms is that they are incredibly unstable, unpredictable and impulsive. The most important thing here is that you should identify such relationships. The main purpose of this relationship is that you should learn how to love yourself. In such situation you stop trying to control your state of affairs and focus on working on yourself.

Relationship do not last

They do not last and never think that this person is your last person. But what you see on television and social media, such kind of relationship start with a conflict and end in conflict. Another Karmic Relationship Symptoms is that they are extremely unhealthy and not long lasting.

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