Top 14 Unhealthy Foods list that is Bad for Your Health

unhealthy foods

There is a lot of confusion about healthy food and unhealthy foods. Most of the people think unhealthy food is healthy food but not in reality. If you want to loss extra weight and want to become healthy and fit then you have to avoid unhealthy foods completely. All These foods can be very dangerous for your health and cause some chronic disease like cancer. No food can prevent you from cancer but make your body healthier and provides you nutrients that are necessary. We have made complete research and deep analysis and create a list of those foods that are harmful.

1. Avoid those things that are high in Sugar and Industrial Oil

It is very important for you to stay away from most highly processed foods that are high in sugar and industrial vegetable oil. Industrial oil is highly sensitive to oxidation and creates oxidative stress in human body. On the other hand omega-6 fatty acids that are very harmful therefore stay away from these unhealthy foods.

2. Stay Away from Fast Foods and High calorie Drinks

Low crabs junk foods are very popular highly processed foods that are poor from actual nutrition and have a bunch of artificial ingredients that are assorted collectively and sold as a healthy junk food. High calories drinks like coffee that is rich in antioxidants and coffee users have low risks for diseases like diabetes. But a little bit stuff is added into coffee which causes some harmful sludge. Another thing is that if artificial cream and sugar is added into your coffee, then it will not be good for health.

3. Make Less Use of Sodas and Sugary Drinks

Sugar calories does not consider as a healthy food because some sources of sugar are worse than others. When we take sugar in large amount it increase the insulin level in our body and cause fatty liver disease and also some other diseases like diabetes and heart disease. One most important thing about sugar drink is that they increase extra weight.

4. Which Margarine is Unhealthy Foods?

Many people use margarine as a butter alternative because its taste and look is like butter but this is far away from true. It is full with artificial gradients and is made up of industrial oil that is hydrogenated rich and makes them more solid.

5.Brown Fried Rice

Although brown fried rice are very healthful but white grain are consider healthier because they increase the arsenic level. Due to increasing arsenic level it causes bladder, lung cancer and heart disease. Try to make its use less as you can.

6. Potato Chips and fries

It’s true that white potatoes are healthy but all the gradients which are made up of potatoes are not healthy. All these gradients are not healthy and have excessive amount of carcinogenic substances.

7. White Breads

Bread is basically made up of wheat which is protein gluten rich. That’s why it is very dangerous for those people who are suffering from celiac or gluten disease. So try to make the less use of commercial breads. These are unhealthy foods with low essential nutrients. If you are from gluten and carbs then use gluten free and low carbs bread to make yourself healthier.

8. Candy

It has unhealthy gradients that are artificial coloring, large amount of sugar, very low essential nutrients and saturated fats. These candy bars have good taste but make you hungry very quickly because high sugar in it metabolized. To avoid this unhealthy food use milk chocolate or a piece of dark chocolate.

9. Processed Meat and Processed Cheese

Research shows that people who use processed meat are suffering from high diseases like colon cancer and heart diseases.  Processed meat is unhealthy and low in nutrition. A single slice with cheese contain equal quantity nutrients as a single glass of milk contain but processes cheese have ingredients that have similar look like regular cheese not in real. Keep yourself away from these unhealthy foods.

10. Fruit Juices Use

We always think that all fruit juices are healthy but its wrong not all fruit juices healthy because they have low fiber and loaded with sugar. In fruit juices there are lot of substances that are missing which makes fruits healthy. Due to large amount of sugar overweight people suffer weight gain problems. There are some juices that are good for health like pomegranate juice, orange juice and blueberry juice. Although orange juice contain less amount of fibers but it has niacin, thiamine, potassium, folate, and vitamin B1 which are very good for heath.

11. Creamy Foods like Cakes and Pastries

Most of the cookies pastries and pastries are very harmful for our healthy. These foods are made up of refined sugar, some added fats, and wheat flour that are considered as a very unhealthy food. There are no nutrients in it so try to avoid such kind of things.

12. Stay Away from Alcoholic Drinks

Even though a glass of beer make you relax for short duration of time but it has great disadvantages that are very harmful for us. Alcoholic drinks have seven gram calories without any nutrients per serves that causes some diseases like heart damage, depression, weight gain and also disturb your sleep.

13. About Multigrain Bread

Multigrain breads are labeled that they have rich amount of refined grain but in fact they have low quantity of fiber of whole grains which makes your blood sugar level high. So try to use original multigrain bread which is 100% whole wheat or 100% whole grain and rich with nutrition facts instead of looking bread name check.

14. Effects of Energy Bars

Although these energy bars loaded with high vitamins and minerals but not good for health because they are nothing more than a flavors and packed with sweeteners. All kind of energy bars are high saturated fat and low in fiber. If you are taking energy bar instead of your meal then you have to take 300 calories energy bars to make yourself healthy.


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