Top 5 Weight Loss Pills Effectiveness and Side Effects

weight loss pills

There are many weight loss methods like different Diet Plans and Exercises. Instead of these methods there are also many other Weight loss pills, and natural supplements. We all know that to reduce your weight through weight loss pills is very as compared to other ways because they burn calories very fast, decrease your appetite level and reduces absorption of nutrients by multiple processes. We have deep research and analysis on some weight loss pills and describe here with their effectiveness and side effects. Here are some popular Weight Loss Pills:

How Weight Loss Pills Work and Effect on your Body

Weight loss by medicine is totally depends on the product which you are being used. There are several medicines available in market. Some medicines can be used only after the consultation of doctor orlistate (Alli). These medicines reduce weight by burning your calories in multiple ways, boost your metabolism level and reduce the appetite.

Raspberry Ketones

Effectiveness: A lot of study has proved that raspberry keynotes reduce the weight very fast and make you slim in few days.
Side effects: This medicine cause smelly belch and vomit.

Orlistat (Alli)

Effectiveness: Orlistat decrease your weight very fast as compared to other weight loss pills.

Side Effects: This drug has many side effects like damage your digestive system badly, enhance the deficiency of vitamins A, D, E and K in your body.


Effectiveness: Caffine decrease your weight by boosting metabolism 3 to 11% and burn fat quickly up to 30%. Due to its metabolism boost characteristics this substance is added in many weight loss components.

Side Effects: Caffine disturb your sleep and cause many other diseases like nausea,  anxiety, insomnia, irritability, jitteriness and diarrhea.


Effectiveness: Hydroxycut  contain sufficient weight loss ingredients in it. A latest research showed that it loss 10 kg weight in 3 months.

Side Effects: It is also create anxiety, diarrhea, and tremors like diseases.

 Garcinia Cambogia

Effectiveness: Decrease your appetite level and reduce the craving for harmful foods. Gives you positive feeling like make you happier and energetic. Improve your cholesterol level and stay away from joint pains.

Side Effects: study showed that this medicine has no proper side effects but some relevant resources declare that it causes some digestive problems.


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