Top 66 USA Celebrity Siblings You Didn’t Know About


1. Rachel, Daniel, and Kayleen McAdams

Actress Rachel McAdams i eldest of three has a brother Daniel McAdams and a sister Kayleen McAdmas who works as a makeup artist.

2. Bella, Gigi and Anwar Hadid

Bella and Gigi brother well known and successful models. They have a young brother Anwar Hadid who is very good looking and handsome.

3. Tanner and Shailene

Tanner is a young brother of Shailene who is also an actor. Hay had played multiple roles in short movies as well as in the show that is Boston Legal in the of 2006.

4. Adam and Zach

We all know that Adam is the brother of zach’s who helped him to write film “Wish I Was Here”. They have another brother Joshua who is also a well known publisher author.

5. Sofia Richie and Nicole

Both sofia and Niclon have different mothers. In a fasahion magzin that is Teen Vogue and Elle, Sofia has been featured. Her struggle is on peak and following her older sister to become a style star.

6. Joshua and Alba Jessica

Joshua is a younger brother of Alba Jessica who is an actor. He was appeared in a TV series Dark Angel alongside her.

7. Elle Fanning and Dakota

Elle Fanning and Dakota both are very famous celebrity have shining modeling and acting career. Both of they have started their career in a very young age. Dakota has played more than 30 movie and elle is also hot on her heels.

8. Thomas Anne and Michael Hathaway

Michael is the younger brother of Anne who is a writer. Anne an actress and her younger brother Thomas is also an inspiring actor.

9. Austin Swift and Taylor

Taloyr younger brother Austing has studied from Ntre Dame University and starting to get into the movies. He has played small role Ben Afflecks in 2016.

10. Madison De La Garza and Demi Lovato
Demi’s younger half sister Madison is an actress that starred on Desperate Housewives. Demi also has an older sister her name is Dallas and another Whitney port has three sisters named Jade, Paige, and Ashley and a younger brother Ryan and half sister, Amber.

11. Katy Perry & David Hudson
David Hudson is the brother of Katy Perry. He is a musician and walked on red carpet at the Grammys in 2014.

12. Alex Watson and Emma
Alex watson is the famous model, and actor (younger brother of Emma). He has played a role in two of the harry potter movies alongside his sister.

13. Ben, Blaine & Jennifer
Ben and Blain are the older brothers of Jennifer. She often alludes to her older brothers that’s why she is such tom boy.

14. Kate, Pippa, & James Middleton
Kate is one of the most Stylish Duches of Cambridge. She has a younger sister Pipa and a younger brother James.

15. Mónica , Penélope & Eduardo Cruz

Penélope is one of the biggest, Top and famous actresses in the world.  She had palyed leading roles in many movies like Volver, Blow, and Vanilla Sky. While Mónica is also a Spanish dancer and actress. Both of they have a younger brother Eduardo. He is famous musician and also worked in many movies of Penélope’s.

16. John, Ben & Carl Mayer
John has two brothers ben and carl they perform on stage with him during concerts.

17. Whitney Port, Jade Paige, and Asley
There are three sisters of Whitney port named Jade, Paige, and Ashley and a brother Ryan.

18. Gisele Bündchen
Gisele Bündchen has five sisters named Graziela, Raquel, Gabriela, fraternal, and Rafaela.

19. Rihanna and Rajad Fenty
Rihanna has two brothers Rorrey & Rajad and a half brother Jamie, while two half sisters named Samantha and Kandy.

20. Lizzy, Robert and Victoria

Robert  has two sisters lizzy and victoria. Lizzy is a known singer who auditioned in 2014 on the X Factor UK.

21. Liv and Mia Tyler
Live and Mia Tyler are tthe sistetrs shared father and their moms are different Bebe buell who is an actresses and Cyrinda who is an actress.

22. Grace, Mamie &b Louisa Gummer
Grace and mamie both are actresses and louisa is a famous model and have a younger brother hennery.

23. Chris, Liam, and Luke Hemsworth
Chris and Liam are the elder brothers of Luke Hemsworth, he is an actor who is rather easy on the eyes.

24. Nicky, Paris, and Barron Hilton
Barron is the Younger brother of Nicky Hilton & Paris Hilton he is well to hit the red carpet. They also have an other youngest brother named conard who is not yet appeared.

25. Marissa Ribisi and Giovanni
Marissa and Giovanni are two famous twin sisters. Marissa also launched a fashion line called Whitley Kros and was married with a singer beck, they split in February 2019.

26. The Kardashian Jenners
We all know that khloe, Kourtney & Rob are sisters and brother. They also have two half sisters Kylie Jenner and kendall jenner from their mom. Their mom married two caitlyn jenner and also have two children a daughter and son named Burt and Casey from her first marriage. While from his second marriage she has two sons brody and brandon.

27. Breanna and Lauren
Breanna and Lauren are sisters and have a young brother named Brandon.

28. Nick, Joe, Kevin and Frankie Jonas

Kevin, Nick and Joe are known as Jonas Brothers but they also have an other younger brother Frankie.

29. Harry and Gemma Styles
Gemma styles is the older sister of Harry styles. She completed her degree from Sheeield Hallan University in England in 2013.

30. Ansel Elgort
Ansel Elgort has an older brother Wrren who is a film editor and a sister Sophie who is a photographer.

31. Fred and Ben Savage
Both of these brothers are child actors ben on the Boy Meets Worls and fred on The Wonder Years. They have a beautifull sister kala Savage who is an actress and musician.

32. Jenny, Joanne, and Amy McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy has three sisters Lynette, Amy and Joanne.

33. Rachel Bilson
Hattie and Rosemary are the two younger sisters of Rachel Bilson.

34. Nikki and Nathan Reed
Nikki Reed is a famous Twilight actress has a very hansom brother Nathan.

35. Pablo and Liev Schreiber
Actors Pablo and Liev Schreiber are two half brothers.

36. Joaquin, Summer, Rain, and Liberty Phoenix
There are three sisters of Rain, Liberty and Summer. Rain is an actress, singer and musician. Liberity is the manager for mother’s charity organization. Summer is also an actress and well known model who recently married to Casey.

37. Rashida and Kidada Jones
Rashida is gorgeous, stylish TV and movies actress while Kidada is an actress and fashion designer.

38. Justin Theroux and Sebastian Theroux

We partially caught justin theroux equally handsom younger brother Sebastian Theroux during their outing in NYC.

39. Kendra Andrews and Erin Andrews

Kendra Andrews is the younger sister of Sports commentators Erin. Kendra is a professional dancer and actress and last time she was starred up in Step Up 3D.

40. Hooly Cooper and Bradley Cooper

Holly Cooper is the older sister of Bradley Cooper she accompanied him at many Hollywood events.

41. Samantha Bloom and Orlando

Samantha Bloom is the older sister of Orlando Bloom who acted in Pride & Prejudice and Love and other Disasteer.

42. Julianne Hough and Derek Hough

Juline and Derek are the professional Dancers and they have three older sisters named Marabeth, Sharee and Katherine.

43. Rooney Mara and Kate Mara

Bothe Kate Mera and Rooney are talented and incredible TV and Film Actresses. Kate is mostly known as a small screen actress like in house of cards and some other movies like 127 hours & Brokeback Mountain. Whereas Rooney is very famous for role in social media and many other big screen roles.

44. Audrina Patridge and Casey

Casey is the younger sister of Audrina Patridge. She has been married and have two children.

45. James Lasckey & Usher Raymond

James is the Younger Half  brother of Usher who is from his mother’s second marriage.

46. Stella & Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa is very close to her younger sister stella they are mostly spotted hanging out in Loss Angles. She is also an actress and mostly seen together in Red Carpet Premieres and amny other parties.

47. Stella & Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa is very close to her younger sister stella they are mostly spotted hanging out in Loss Angles. She is also an actress and mostly seen together in Red Carpet Premieres and amny other parties.

48. Chris Evans and Scott Evans

Scott Evans is the the younger brother of Chris Evans who stareed in Fringe, white Collar and One Life to Live.

49. Britney Spears
Britney Spear has a younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears and an older brother Bryan Spears.

50. Ashton Kutcher
Michael Kutcher is the twin brother of Ashton living in Denver. In childhood he was Diagnosed with cerebral Palsy and went for heart transplant in a very young age in 13. Know he is working as a motivational Speakers.

51. Nash Overstreet & Chord Overstreet
Nash is the older brother of Chord who plays guitar in the band. They have four sisters one older sister whose name is Summer and three younger sisters named Charity, Harmony and Skye.

52. Mary MacCartney & Stella MacCartney
They both are the daughters of a famous and legendary singer Paul McCartney. Stella is a very talented iconic fashion designer and Mary is Pationate Photographer. Their mother name is Linda and have 2 half sisters and 2 half younger brothers from their father’s second marriage.

53. Casey Affleck and Ben Affleck

Both Ben and Casey are film actors and directors. They both were married,  ben has 3 kids with ex Wiffe jennifer Garner and Casey has two children from ex wife Summer.

54. Jon Heder and Dan Heder

They both are twin Identical Brothers and also parnter in a production company.

55. Lindsay Lohan

He is an eldest brother and have two younger brothers Michael and Cody whereas a younger sister Ali.

56. Michael Levine and Adma Levine

Michael Levine is the younger brother of Adam who is a Gay.

57. Cara Chloe and Poppy

Cara and Poppy Delevinge have an older sister Chloe.

58. Paul, mark, Donnie and Jim Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg belongs to a Big boston Breed family and he is youngest among among 9 siblings 6 brothers and 3 sisters.

59. Angelina Jolie & James Haven

Angelina Jolie one of the Famous Personality and her older brother James Haven is also an actor and a board director.

60. Maggie Gyllenhaal and Jake Gyllenhaal

They have acted more than 50 movies and perform three (A Dangerous Woman, Homegrown  and Donnie Darko) togather.

61. Shawn Ashmore & Aaron Ashmore

They both are actors and acted together and separately.

62. Gwyneth Paltrow and Jake Paltrow

Gywyneth is the most top rated actor and life style iconic whereas Jake is a talented director and screen writer. Their was also a famous actor, director and producer.

63. Lily Aldridge and Ruby

They both are famous models and have one half sister named shaffron who was also popular a model of 90’s. They have a half brother Miles who is professional photographer. Thier father Aldridge was famous english writer and playboy.

64. Lottie Moss and kate Moss

Lottie Moss is the younger sister of kate who is a famous super model.

66. Hunter Johansson & Scarlett Johansson

They both are twin brothers have interest in Politics Scarelett and are noted supporters of Barack Obama. Hinter also served as a campaign advisory in 2008.

65. Tom, Dave, and James Franco

Both James and Dave are actors while Tom is a painter, artist and sculptor.

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