Use Of LED Face Mask Therapy

LED Face Mask
The use of LED Face Mask is a color light Therapy in precise wavelengths. LED bulb increase the blood circulation, promote collagen production, skin healing and acne reduction.The three lights use in LED masks are Red, Blue, and Green.Red and Blue are the best are at least two important wavelengths.The first wavelength of the LED mask is Red.The Red rays are scientifically proven and stimulate the Collagen.Collagen is the type of protein fiber in our body and gives strength to our body including the skin.Red rays also increasing the local blood circulation in our body.Red rays results are our acne faster healing, our skin is glowing immediately after treatment, plumped, fewer, wrinkles, Sagging skin after about Two weeks.Aging and dry skin are the causes of skin which is less after the use of red rays.The use of LED Mask is very efficient for our skin.The second wavelength of LED Mask is Blue.The Blue Rays are also scientifically proven and it kills the 80% acne bacteria which results from the speedy elimination of breakouts, also prevention the new acne breakout.Both Red and Blue light is proved by the scientist. Red light Rays are establishing ”Boost Collagen production”.It is responsible for the shining and glowing of your skin also promote the faster skin healing.Blue Rays are proving “destroy acne-causing bacteria”.It is responsible for reducing acne lesions, blackheads and whiteheads(without antibiotics).The Greenlight lightens and calms the skin.

Uses of LED Face Mask therapy
your skin is glowing,acne faster healing,blackheads and whiteheads remove.
There are three projects which work by the scientist in 2017.First is “Project E Beauty Photon Therapy Red Blue Greenlight treatment facial mask”.In this project there are three colors Red, Blue and Green It heals your acne and brighten your skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines.Its depend on you which color you want to use.If you choose the Red color then they are (630nm) boost bold circulation, promote collagen production and reduce or prevent the wrinkles. If you prefer Blue rays then they are (415nm) destroy acne-causing bacteria, heal acne minimize the pores.If you want to use Greenlight then they are (525nm) bright and calm your skin.

The project E Beauty LED Facial Kit includes a white face mask, a remote control which is contained in 5 intensity setting, color choice and timer, USB cable, head bandage to fit the mask on your face, relaxing after treatment gel, and a full English manual.The total number of LEDs is 149 and weight are 1.1 or a voltage is 110V-220V, 60Hz/50Hz.Its a one year warranty.The use of project E Beauty LED uses are: it is easy to use.It has pleasant relaxing warmth.It has eye slot for protection so you don’t need to close your eyes during treatment.Your skin is radiant, smooth and toned, reduced pores all are applicable if you used regularly.

The second project of LED Facial Mask Therapy is Carer 3 Color LED Mask Photon Light Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Facial Mask.Red rays (650-730nm) for anti-aging.Blue rays (430-450nm) it prevents the acne also healing the acne.Greenlight is (525-550nm) used for lightening the skin also scars.In second project the number of LED is 173 and weight is 1.3 kg, voltage is 110V-230V and warranty is unspecified.It includes LED Beauty Mask,110-240 adapter, Control Unit, Head Bandage also include English manual.

The third project is Angel Kiss Led Photon Therapy Red, Blue, Green Light Facial Beauty Mask.It includes red(650nm), blue(430nm), green(527nm) all are applicable and good for use.The use of LED Face Mask therapy is very effective for skin and you should use it instead of using medicine.



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