What is Robotic Process Automation?


Robotic Process Automation is a technology which automates business processes by configuring computer software or Robot and integrates the human being action within digital system. By using this technology can use its robot which behaves similar like hum being to capture and manipulate data. These robots give triggering response and communicate with other digital system in very efficient way. Automated robots never sleep they work all the time at very low cost as compared to a human being employee. They are more consistent and accurate due which error chances are very rare.

Robotic process automation benefits

Due to its user friendly and fast response robotics system are widely used in much business and have excellent advantages:

Minimum technical errors

There is no need of technical and programming skills to configure robotic software. A non technical staff can also handle and process these robots due to code free technology.

Increased consistency

Robots are highly consistent and accurate. As compared to human being they make less mistakes or typos.

Regulatory nature

Robots follow fixed instruction set which is given to configure the robot. If there is any need to rework or restart any process robots also play their previous actions. The restricted nature or robots makes them appropriate to avail more strict acquiescence standard.

Interrupt free work

They perform their task twenty four hours without any delay or interruption. They work tirelessly and separately without any staff in low cost. They make their business process more efficient without any delay.

Existing system remains constant

There is no interruption underlying system. They may need broad developer resources to join together across multiple applications. They are more beneficial for inherited systems because in inherited system application program interfaces are not immediately available. They are very useful for those applications where organization do not have enough resources to integrate it with previous applications.

Improve user experience

For more interesting and engaging task employees need more hard work. Robots less work load and makes tasks easy like data entry, customer calls auto response and much more. In this way employees focus to produce more revenue.

Enhance productivity

Increase productivity more efficiently and can be completed at very fast speed as compare to manual user processes.

How does Robotic Process Automation work?

RPA works in many applications in a very unique and precise way by minimizing human interaction to maximum extent. Following steps helps to understand its working:

• Login into any system application.
• Connect to system applications program interfaces.
• Copy data from one application and paste it into required place.
• Move files and folders and read write it in database.
• Open all mails and check the files which are shared by attachment.
• Fragment data from web applications and make calculations.

What is the Major Difference between RPA and AI?

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a technology which understands the human problem intelligently and reduces complex problems. Computer systems are made intelligent by using this technology that helps them to operate in the same environment what they want. These systems are made intelligent by using data and different algorithms. The most powerful example of artificial intelligence is face book in which system flow through a set of images algorithm. AI algorithms are created by using machine learning. Another language also plays a vital role in AI which enhance the understandability like human being. Modern voice subordinates like Google, Amazon, and Siri use natural processing language. When user process or search anything from these services, a background algorithm of NLP run to recognize the voice inputs.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA uses a set of instruction to perform a given task. It uses an algorithm for repetitive tasks and set of statements to automate that activity. This technology required more organized data to perform task as compare to AI otherwise it will fail. They less intelligent as compare to AI that’s why they have less scope rather than AI. This technology commonly used for billing services and automatically all the printed bills in an accounting software. If there is any issue costumer can contact to help desk very easily. They need to store whole billing information in the same format.

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