Why AAF failed where the XFL could succeed

Why AAF failed where the XFL could succeed

As you know that decision making is one of the strongest skill of any person. Even a poor decision changes your life same example is here. Recently Tom Dundon made a billionaire investment.

According to Dundon first statement he said that he was committing 250 million dollars to America football alliance. That is a new pro football league that was launched in Feb.

Dundon said that his to fund the league for 5 years his investment would be enough.

After that last month during the prime college basketball season league’s TV rating dropped, he complained that NFL players wouldn’t grant him to access his players.

So after bringing a controlling chance in the league only round about 6 week, a movement that suspended its processes and cut off hundreds of players, staff and coaches in 8 cities.

Do not know that suck kind of step of Dundon to lose hundreds of millions over several years give him a chance to stand on his two feet.

Did he really thinks that access to NFL Practice squad players is the league’s future success. Under the load of heavy upfront costs and the devastating outline of the NFL pro football leagues in the past have fall down.

But that’s mean it is not possible to crack. Another new football league that is going to be launched next Feb by Vince McMahon, said by XFL.

McMahon knows very well that there is required many fortifications like media exposure, strong investors, who are ready to bleed money for long term before any payoff chance.

After one season in 2001 and original XFL folded he learned this from his experience. For future growth he has planned 500 million dollars. A television deal also expected soon.

Co-Founder of AAF Charlie Ebersol also knows very well about need for a long runway. He also told that before you get any profit you are going to lose hundreds of million dollars.

But Duden told that “he is going to cost money to get it is better investment”. He already spent he near to 50 dollars millions.

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