Why we like taste in music and scientist change the completely your taste


Every person, every culture every period employs likes the taste of music. I remembered when I listen to the song I listen again and again and enjoy the music. Music makes us happy and sad in such a way they impact us in ways that other sound don not. Scientist become wondering why the people inspire with the music. Now, scientist searches that why people inspire with the music and such a strong feelings and tightly bind us so tightly to other people. Music affects deep touching centers in a brain. A neuroscientist said, “A single sound is not pleasurable in itself and if these sounds are organized in some sort of arrangement then it is amazingly powerful.” Now scientists are working on the music and discovered magnetic stimulation in front of the brain that can correct mistaken views and open you beautiful realization and they discovered one of the greatest band of the last one hundred years.

The psychology of music

Music is a central function of our brain. Our brain is wired from beginning to process and understand the music. This is another important information how our brain processes the music. When we satisfy our desire to sleep, to reproduce, and to eat, our brain release “dopamine” we feel good neurochemical involved that is why we feel happy. In our brain, there is a neurotransmitter that receives the signals and movement of the body that is called dopamine which we process the music. The researcher research in the music and answer that how the people process the music. There is a combination of PET and fMRI.Pet is a positron emission tomography and fMRI is a functional magnetic resonance imagining technique to scan the brain of the participants as they listened to the music over the course of three sessions. The participants complete a questionnaire in which they rated how pleasurable they found the music. This is how that PET researcher show that due to dopamine peak moments of emotional awakening when listening to the music. Due to FMRI when the emotion is in the peak the caudate was active.

Types of music

Music can be described in the language of many genres and styles. Larger genres and styles consist of more precise categories. The Lists are

  • List of music is A-F
  • List of music is G-M
  • List of music is N-R
  • List of music is S-Z

Music personality type

Our Music taste is an integral part of our identity to our certain extent what we pay attention to the song what we are. The link between music fondness and celebrity is so powerful many of us feel a quick float of one’s iTunes folder, Spotify playlists, or record collection would make known a wealth of information about the owner, even if these imaginary revelations are distorted by the lens of our own inherent prejudices.



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